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Turkish Cargo organized its 12th “Agency Awards Ceremony”

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Turkish Cargo organized its 12th “Agency Awards Ceremony” to bring together its business partners in the air cargo sector and numerous agencies operating in Turkey.

During the ceremony held on the evening of June 1, 2023, Vice President of Cargo Sales (Türkiye), Ahmet Kaya, delivered the opening speech. Kaya began his speech by expressing gratitude to the esteemed participants. He highlighted that Turkish Cargo, as the national flag carrier airline cargo brand of Turkey, transports products produced throughout the country to more than 130 countries and over 340 destinations with a wide range of products/services and operational capabilities, utilizing the resources of Turkish Airlines.

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Kaya stated that the Turkish Cargo Turkey Sales team successfully transported various products in the global network in 2022, providing services in a wide commercial range. He also mentioned that Turkish Cargo handled over 1.7 million tons of cargo at Turkish origins in 2022, with a global revenue market share of 5.2%. He emphasized the successful transportation of perishable goods, textiles, live animals, marine, aviation and space industry products, as well as automotive industry products.

In his speech, Kaya also touched upon the special cargo options offered by Turkish Cargo. He mentioned the products such as TK PHARMA, TK FRESH, TK LIVE, TK CARE, and highlighted that new products such as TK SMART, TK PREMIUM, and TK URGENT have been implemented, with upcoming announcements of new TK Pharma product concepts.

Furthermore, he mentioned the ongoing efforts of Turkish Airlines and Turkish Cargo to deliver humanitarian aid to earthquake-stricken areas following the earthquake disaster in February, stating that 450 cargo flights have been organized so far.

Kaya emphasized the significant role of the facilities provided by Turkish Cargo, including the SMARTIST, Europe’s largest air cargo facility. He mentioned that the TK GO portal facilitates easy tracking of transactions. He also stated that the call centers meet customer demands, and customer satisfaction is measured at a level of 91%.

Lastly, Kaya expressed gratitude to all business partners, the unsung heroes of the operations and marketing teams, management, and industry representatives. He congratulated the participants who would receive awards and wished them even greater success.

During the ceremony, awards were presented to agencies that had the most collaboration with Turkish Cargo in 2022, recognizing their valuable contributions to Turkish Cargo.

Turhan Özen, Chief Cargo Officer at Turkish Airlines, who made an evaluation regarding the Agency Awards Ceremony, said, “Turkish Cargo, which accounts for over 60% of Turkey’s air cargo traffic, owes a great deal to the agencies for being the world’s fastest-growing air cargo brand. Today, we are not only celebrating our joint success but also sharing our excitement for future achievements and renewing our motivation.

As Turkish Cargo, we will continue to increase the capabilities and opportunities of our business partners, become a reliable logistics partner, and facilitate global commercial activities, both today and in the future. I congratulate the awarded agencies and extend my thanks to each agency that contributes to Turkish Cargo through their valuable collaborations.”

The top three transportation agencies recognized nationwide in Turkey, Istanbul, and Anatolia are as follows:

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Solidarity Award: TGS Turkish Ground Service


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1st Place Award for 2022 Turkish Origin, Agency of the Year: ATILIM

2nd Place Award for 2022 Turkish Origin, Agency of the Year: YENİAY LOJİSTİK

3rd Place Award for 2022 Turkish Origin, Agency of the Year: YEDİTEPE TAŞIMACILIK A.Ş.

4th Place Award for 2022 Turkish Origin, Agency of the Year: DSV

5th Place Award for 2022 Turkish Origin, Agency of the Year: DHL FORWARDING

1st Place Award for 2022 Istanbul Origin, Agency of the Year: ATILIM

Project Award for 2022 Turkish Origin: DHL EXPRESS

1st Place Award for 2022 Ankara Origin, Agency of the Year: EXPEDITORS

1st Place Award for 2022 Izmir Origin, Agency of the Year: YEDİTEPE TAŞIMACILIK A.Ş.

1st Place Award for 2022 Adana Origin, Agency of the Year: MARS

1st Place Award for 2022 Antalya Origin, Agency of the Year: DSV

Cargo Charter Award for 2022: GATA

Agency with the Most E-commerce Cargo in 2022: ARAMEX

Sabiha Gökçen Origin Agency of the Year Award for 2022: DSV

Domestic Air Transportation Award for 2022: Loomis Security Services

The program, which was attended by approximately 200 IATA agencies and 550 individuals, continued with a lottery draw among the guests, where prizes were shared as in previous years.

Turkish Cargo organized its 12th "Agency Awards Ceremony" 22 Haziran 2024

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