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Emirates, Vice President Cargo Commercial Arıyor

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Emirates, Vice President Cargo Commercial – Europe Region Arıyor

Emirates, Avrupa bölgesini denetlemek üzere vizyon sahibi bir Vice President Cargo Commercial arıyor.

İdeal aday, ticari kargo, kargo veya tVice President Cargo Commercialaşımacılık sektöründe 12 yıldan fazla deneyime sahip olmalıdır.

Bu deneyimin büyük bir kısmı Avrupa Bölgesi’nde stratejileri geliştiren ve uygulayan bir “fonksiyonel başkan” olarak geçmelidir. Ayrıca, Avrupa kültürünü anlayışlı bir şekilde yorumlayabilen ve ticaret ile havacılık endüstrisini düzenleyen küresel yasalara hakim bir aday aranmaktadır.

Emirates, Vice President Cargo Commercial Arıyor 1 Aralık 2023

Job Purpose
At Emirates, we believe in connecting the world, to and through, our global hub in Dubai; and in constantly innovating to ensure our customers ‘Fly Better’. Our SkyCargo team is the largest international cargo airline in the world. We connect the world’s supply chain through 300+ destinations across 80 countries in 6 continents. Do you want to play a part in that journey and become a part of expanding our services? Vice President Cargo Commercial will develop, direct and drive a strategic implementation plan for the attainment of optimal profitable cargo revenue within the region, whilst ensuring agreed standards of cargo operations and safety are maintained and that cargo costs are minimised to support overall airline objectives for revenue, yield, productivity and profitability. In this role, you will: – Work closely with SVP Commercial and other Regional VPs to identify and adapt to the changing needs of the cargo industry and industry issues. Conceptualise corporate strategies along with SVP Commercial to ensure SkyCargo is the first carrier of choice and its brand values and brand strength are reflected in the service delivery. – Formulate strategies and set objectives which are aligned to corporate objectives. Provide direction to all reporting cargo managers to ensure optimal revenue and tonnage results on both passenger and freighter capacity. Review outstation revenue and expenditure performance regularly and address any areas of performance short fall taking appropriate and timely action. This position is fully accountable for signing off the regional revenue targets and expenditure budget. – Define KPI and productivity improvement targets for annual expenditure budget for the region setting priorities for spend on resources, commercial and promotional activities to support attainment of regional objectives. – Identify and promote new offline routes and business opportunities in markets linked to online points. Drive long term plan for the region looking at verticals/segments e.g. Oil &Gas, Fashion, Automotive, Pharma, Telecom etc. Provide direction to cargo managers to lead sales efforts and planning in order to drive ongoing growth and profitability across the region. – Review market conditions and based on trading values, assess credit worthiness and associated commercial risks with our business partners across the region. Establish bank guarantee levels weighing commercial interests and corporate policies on bank guarantee to ensure business interests are protected with minimal risks. – Build strong value added regional commercial contacts with major forwarder and agent partners to ensure SkyCargo interests are protected, CMs are guided to realise overall regional benefits and inter regional strategies overrides local point of sales objectives. Take responsibility to build relationship’s which ensure Skycargo is the prime choice for the air cargo support across the territory. – Develop and maintain relationships with government and regulatory authorities to promote and protect SkyCargo’s mid-term and long term interests. Collaborate with other external agencies such as key trade associations to promote and develop profitable business opportunities. Liaise with International Affairs, Commercial SVPs, Area Managers and CMs to highlight current and potential issues which could impact SkyCargo’s activities in the region. – Agree on region wise training priorities for the fiscal year and ensure the training plans support the needs with a correct budgetary plan for the region. Develop cargo managers and staff in the region to ensure all employees have the necessary professional training and competencies to manage attainment of regional objectives. Provide directions and guidance to the Cargo Commercial Operations Managers in supporting their respective regions. – Comprehensively evaluate GSA/CSA set up and performance in online stations, ensure SkyCargo have the right partnerships in position to ensure revenues and tonnages are optimised. Direct selection, retention and development of sales activities and termination of GSA contracts for online stations. – Oversee activities for new route launches and station start-ups liaising with key stake holders in a timely manner to ensure outstation activities commence in time and sales and marketing campaigns bring in the desired volumes for both imports and exports.
Qualifications & Experience
To be considered for the role, you must meet the below requirements: – Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent) – 12+ Years in Logistics/Cargo or similar – Experience in the airline or cargo Industry, a majority of which should have been as a ‘functional head’ developing and implementing strategies – Sound understanding of global regulations governing trade and the aviation industry – Good financial and analytical skills At Emirates, we’re committed in providing our employees with opportunities to grow and develop in their career. So if you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity, apply today and join our team!
Salary & Benefits
Join us in a management role and enjoy an attractive tax-free salary. On top of our generous travel benefits, including discounted flights and hotel stays around the world, this managerial role also has an excellent leave and healthcare package. That’s on top of transport benefits, life insurance and more. Find out what it’s like to live and work in our fast-paced, cosmopolitan home city in the Dubai Lifestyle section of our website www.emirates.com/careers

Mehmet Kali

Hello everyone. My name is Mehmet Kali. In the industry, I am known as "Kali". I graduated from the first civil aviation training school in Turkey, which was known as the Civil Aviation School at the time and is now Eskişehir Technical University, in 1991. As I graduated from the Business Administration department, it was a bit challenging for me to integrate into the industry. I have worked for companies such as SultanAir, DHMI, Havaş, and Swissair, and currently, I provide services and consultancy in air cargo transportation. I have experience in dispatching, air traffic control, passenger services, and aircraft coordination. During my time at Swissair, I had the opportunity to experience aviation training in many countries. Since 2012, I have been focusing on air cargo transportation. For three years, I taught courses on air cargo at Nişantaşı University. I still hold valid IATA certifications related to both passenger and cargo operations. For over ten years, I have been managing aeroportist.com, a news website related to aviation, which initially started as a hobby. I enjoy building aviation networks and sharing knowledge. If there is anything I can contribute to, I am here. Best regards "kali"

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