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Just over a month is left before the Asia Connect: Aviation Strategy

Just over a month is left before the Asia Connect: Aviation Strategy conference, which will be held on September 7th at the Lazzoni Hotel in Istanbul, Türkiye.

The list of participants already includes executives and professionals from 24 national and commercial airlines, 16 airports, services providers. At the conference, you will be able to hear speeches and communicate with air transport industry experts from Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Moldova, Serbia, Tajikistan, Türkiye, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and other countries. Join us!

List of participants

Unique Opportunity to Get Market Insights

The Asia Connect: Aviation Strategy conference will host an array of interactive and in-depth debates, panel discussions and case studies from senior decision makers and industry leaders.

The conference focused on the current state and prospects of the air transport market in South Eurasia, where leaders of airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, service providers and market experts meet together to discuss the region’s air transport development.

The new role of South Eurasia in global air transport following pandemic and political turbulence.

Opportunities and requirements to fuel rapid growth and take geopolitical advantages.

Resource: what is available and what is needed in the nearest future?

Effective Networking Solutions

Do you want to network and collaborate for developing airline business in the extremely promising region of Southern Eurasia? If so join them at our in-person event!
Free passes are limited to airlines, airports, regulatory bodies and aviation authorities. Free registrations will only be accepted with a company email address.


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