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Turkish Airlines is starting its Newark flights

Newark will be Turkish Airlines’ 10th destination in the United States of America.

            Continuing to broaden its flight network with its successful operations, Turkish Airlines will be operating four flights a week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday until June 13, 2021 to Newark. After June 13, the flights will be operated every day of the week.

            As the biggest city of the New Jersey and one of the closest to New York City, Newark will also offer an alternative route to reach New York for passengers traveling there with the new flights of Turkish Airlines.

            The round trip between Istanbul and Newark with the Turkish Airlines is starting at 655 USD (including taxes and fees).

            Offering an unparalleled flight experience to its guests and adorning its success with numerous awards, flag carrier Turkish Airlines continues to enhance its flight network with new destinations and grow its fleet with new generation aircraft.

The flights that will be operated between 21 May – 13 June

Flight Nu.DaysDepartureArrival
TK  29Monday,Wednesday, Friday,SundayIST18:40EWR22:35
TK  30Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,SaturdayEWR00:05IST16:50

The flights that will be operated as of 13 June

TK  29Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday, Saturday,SundayIST18:40EWR22:35
TK  30Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday, Saturday,SundayEWR00:05IST16:50

*All times are in LMT.

* Turkish Airlines reserves the right to make changes in this schedule.

Turkish Airlines is starting its Newark flights 21 Temmuz 2024

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