Aeroflot and Pobeda canceled the Turkey program until the end of June and the S7 until the end of October. Turkish Airlines and Pegasus continue to sell tickets for June.

Turkish Airlines official stated that there is no guarantee that the flights will start. THY offers free postponement of June tickets for now.

However, in the news, it was commented that "even if the ticket change is made free of charge, customers will have to pay different prices for the tickets".

However, the official also said that in case of cancellation, the refunds will be made within 3 days.

It was stated that Pegasus, like THY, made its June flight plan in Russia as usual. It was noted that the June decision of both carriers will be announced towards the end of May.

Although the Operations Center, which manages the process of combating coronavirus in Russia, did not have an official statement, Russian carriers Pobeda and Aeroflot canceled the Turkish program by the end of June and S7 by the end of October.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy and Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın made a visit to Russia to discuss the start of the flights, and in the statements made, it was stated that the Russian delegation would visit Turkey to see the measures taken against the corona, but no clear date was given.