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Türk Hava Yolları, İstanbul – Manchester rotasına odaklanıyor

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Türk Hava Yolları, İstanbul – Manchester rotasına odaklanıyor

Türk Hava Yolları, Kuzey Yaz 2024 sezonunda Avrupa’ya hizmetlerini genişletmeye devam ediyor ve son frekans artışı İstanbul – Manchester rotasına odaklanıyor. 19 Mayıs 2024 tarihinden itibaren havayolu, haftada 4 kez akşam/gece saatlerinde seferler düzenleyerek genel frekansı 21’den 25’e çıkaracak.

TK1993 IST0720 – 0935MAN 32B D TK1991 IST1000 – 1215MAN 32B D TK1995 IST1335 – 1545MAN 332 257 TK1995 IST1345 – 1605MAN 32B x257 TK1915 IST1940 – 2155MAN 32B 7 TK1915 IST1940 – 2155MAN 32Q 13

TK1994 MAN1035 – 1650IST 32B D TK1992 MAN1315 – 1930IST 32B D TK1996 MAN1705 – 2320IST 32B x257 TK1996 MAN1715 – 2320IST 332 257 TK1916 MAN2310 – 0520+1IST 32B 7 TK1916 MAN2310 – 0520+1IST 32Q 135

turk hava yollari

Mehmet Kali

Hello everyone. My name is Mehmet Kali. In the industry, I am known as "Kali". I graduated from the first civil aviation training school in Turkey, which was known as the Civil Aviation School at the time and is now Eskişehir Technical University, in 1991. As I graduated from the Business Administration department, it was a bit challenging for me to integrate into the industry. I have worked for companies such as SultanAir, DHMI, Havaş, and Swissair, and currently, I provide services and consultancy in air cargo transportation. I have experience in dispatching, air traffic control, passenger services, and aircraft coordination. During my time at Swissair, I had the opportunity to experience aviation training in many countries. Since 2012, I have been focusing on air cargo transportation. For three years, I taught courses on air cargo at Nişantaşı University. I still hold valid IATA certifications related to both passenger and cargo operations. For over ten years, I have been managing aeroportist.com, a news website related to aviation, which initially started as a hobby. I enjoy building aviation networks and sharing knowledge. If there is anything I can contribute to, I am here. Best regards "kali"

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