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E-commerce traffic to Saudi Arabia continues unabated

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E-commerce traffic to Saudi Arabia continues unabated

Reibel Transport Inc. has embarked on a new charter operation. This operation was conducted for Saudia Airlines using a Boeing B747 freighter aircraft. In recent times, charter flights by Saudia Airlines have played a significant role in e-commerce traffic.

E-commerce traffic to Saudi Arabia gained significant momentum, especially in the last quarter of 2023, and continues to maintain this momentum. However, due to insufficient cargo capacities on scheduled flights, companies resort to “charter” services, which involve fully leasing aircraft, to create extra capacity. According to the February 2024 CASS report, destinations from Turkey to Riyadh and Jeddah are among the top 10 destinations. This has also attracted the interest of Saudi Arabian investors, leading to a noticeable commercial rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Turkey in recent times.

The increasing popularity and demand for e-commerce have become a rapidly rising trend, especially in the post-pandemic period. As consumers’ interest in and trust in online shopping grow, companies are developing various strategies to benefit from the growth of this market. However, this rapid growth can lead to infrastructure issues such as logistics and cargo capacity. While seeking solutions to these problems, charter flights come to the forefront.

Charter flights offer an effective solution, especially for large-volume cargo transportation. Companies gain flexibility by providing additional capacity with aircraft specially leased according to their needs, thus meeting the demand. In this way, e-commerce companies and other commercial enterprises can deliver their products to consumers quickly and reliably.

The strengthening of commercial relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey also influences these charter flights. The increasing trade volume between the two countries triggers growth in the logistics sector and increases the number of charter flights. This provides new business opportunities for both Turkish and Saudi businesses.

However, with the increasing number of charter flights, competition in the sector is intensifying. Airlines are developing various strategies to offer more competitive prices and better services. This provides consumers with a wider range of options and makes the market even more competitive.

In conclusion, the extra capacity created by the increasing e-commerce and charter flights to Saudi Arabia plays an important role in meeting the needs of both companies and consumers. It is expected that this trend will continue in the coming period, further strengthening commercial relations.

The images belong to a 100-ton charter flight conducted by Saudi Arabian Airlines on April 1, 2024.

E-commerce traffic to Saudi Arabia continues unabated 20 Nisan 2024

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