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Regarding All Passengers Traveling to Lebanon

In reference to the decision made on the reopening the airports on 01.07.2020, and for organizational purposes the following steps should be taken;

  1. Registering online on MOPH PASS- the Ministry of Health’s online platform- on the link– Double-check your information before submitting.
  2. All passengers will be subject to PCR testing once they arrive to Rafiq Al-Hariri International Airport.
  3. If the passenger has already taken the PCR test within 24-48 hours before the flight (and have self-isolated him/herself until the results are received), the results should be submitted online while registering on the abovementioned link of the Ministry of Health.
  4. For Lebanese passengers that have not done a PCR test in another country, they will be subject to their 1st PCR testing on arrival then they must self-isolate themselves until results are received, then the 2nd PCR test will made after 3 days of 1st test.
  5. Passengers will receive an SMS for the locations of testing laboratories that are pre-approved by the Ministry of Health to complete the 2nd testing.
  6. PCR test results will be sent to passengers via SMS with a digital copy of the results.
  7. If the testing result received is positive, the passenger must contact on the Corona Hotline ( 01-594459) of the Ministry of Health for transporting the patient to a governmental hospital near his/her residential area.

Dr. Hamad Hasan

Minister of Health


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