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Turkish Cargo Organized an Unforgettable Night with SkyXs Business Partners

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Turkish Cargo Organized an Unforgettable Night with SkyXs Business Partners

Turkish Cargo continues to strengthen its relationships with its business partners. In this context, Turkish Cargo and SkyXs invited the distinguished names of the business world to an unforgettable evening. Enjoying an evening filled not with a “red carpet” ceremony, but with bowling lanes, the participants reinforced their business relations and had fun moments.

With more than 150 participants, the event was both enjoyable and socially rich. Participants chatted, shared laughter and enjoyed delicious food and drinks while bowling. Among the lucky winners of the evening, two people won a round-trip flight ticket to Turkey, while four people won a dinner gift voucher each. In addition, gift packages were presented to each participant as a touch of appreciation.

Turkish Cargo officials summarized the energy from the event by emphasizing that they are more than just a cargo transportation brand, they are a community: “We are a community that makes every journey meaningful, both on the ground and in the sky. Let’s continue to elevate our experiences together. We look forward to many more events where business and entertainment meet, taking every interaction to a higher level.”

Turkish Cargo stated that it will continue such events to strengthen its relations with its business partners and improve the quality of service it offers to its customers.

About Turkish Cargo:
Turkish Cargo is a Turkish Airlines brand that provides safe and fast cargo services all over the world. It offers flexible and efficient cargo transportation services to its customers with its extensive flight network and innovative solutions. Turkish Cargo plays a leading role in its industry thanks to the strong relationships it has built with its business partners and customers.

This article is based on Turkish Cargo’s social media post about the event.

Turkish Cargo Organized an Unforgettable Night with SkyXs Business Partners 20 Temmuz 2024

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