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AIRTRAVELSOCHI 2024: South Gate to Russia

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AIRTRAVELSOCHI 2024: South Gate to Russia

We cordially invite you and your colleagues to participate in the upcoming conference AIRTRAVELSOCHI 2024: Discover the southgate to Russia, scheduled to take place on October 13–14, 2024, in the picturesque city of Sochi, Russia.

October 13–14, 2024, Sochi, Russia
October 13–14, 2024, Sochi, Russia


This forum aims to highlight the immense potential for developing Sochi, the resort capital of Russia, into a world-class international transport hub. By attending, you will gain insights into how air travelers from all over the world can access the region and, through it, the vast territory of our country.

Participation in the event will allow for discussion of key issues of cooperation in air transport and tourism, and will give an opportunity to familiarize with the tourism potential of the country’s main Black Sea resort and plans for the development of the city’s transport infrastructure, in particular Sochi airport.

During the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with key stakeholders from Russian and foreign airlines, airports, tourism operators, service providers, and aviation authorities. The event will feature informative sessions, sightseeing tours, a detailed exploration of Sochi Airport’s facilities, one-on-one meetings, and ample networking opportunities, providing valuable insights into potential expansion opportunities for your airline’s route network.



The conference will feature presentations and professional discussions on a wide range of issues related to the development of air travel and tourism. Experienced speakers will analyze key trends in the Russian aviation market, explore the development of the tourism market, share experiences of cooperation between airlines and airports to develop route networks, and discuss practical issues of interaction between foreign and Russian air carriers and airports.

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Sightseeing tours of the main tourist attractions in Sochi and its environs, as well as a tour of Sochi Airport, will be organized for event participants.
The Sochi region offers unique opportunities for both summer beach holidays and winter skiing, featuring a well-developed entertainment infrastructure and a gambling zone.

The conference will be held in one of the luxury hotels in the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort in Sochi district.


Sochi International Airport, named after V.I. Sevastyanov, was founded in 1945 and is managed by Aerodinamika, one of the largest airport holdings in Russia. The airport serves the main resort of the country and hosts participants of significant economic, sports, political, and cultural events. Since 2020, Sochi Airport has consistently ranked among the top 5 airports in Russia in terms of passenger traffic, serving more than 13 million people annually. Since 2022, it has been the main southern international air transport hub of Russia, with 21 Russian and 10 foreign airlines operating flights to 75 domestic and international destinations.

We would be happy to provide more detailed information and discuss any questions you may have. We hope to see representatives of your company at AIRTRAVELSOCHI 2024: Discover the southgate to Russia!

AIRTRAVELSOCHI 2024: South Gate to Russia 20 Temmuz 2024

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Hello everyone. My name is Mehmet Kali. In the industry, I am known as "Kali". I graduated from the first civil aviation training school in Turkey, which was known as the Civil Aviation School at the time and is now Eskişehir Technical University, in 1991. As I graduated from the Business Administration department, it was a bit challenging for me to integrate into the industry. I have worked for companies such as SultanAir, DHMI, Havaş, and Swissair, and currently, I provide services and consultancy in air cargo transportation. I have experience in dispatching, air traffic control, passenger services, and aircraft coordination. During my time at Swissair, I had the opportunity to experience aviation training in many countries. Since 2012, I have been focusing on air cargo transportation. For three years, I taught courses on air cargo at Nişantaşı University. I still hold valid IATA certifications related to both passenger and cargo operations. For over ten years, I have been managing aeroportist.com, a news website related to aviation, which initially started as a hobby. I enjoy building aviation networks and sharing knowledge. If there is anything I can contribute to, I am here. Best regards "kali"

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