Turkish Airlines reached over 1000 flights a day for the first time since pandemic


The flag carrier Turkish Airlines continues its strong and rapid rise with its successful performance during the normalization. As the airline with most flights over the skies of Europe during the first five months of 2021, Turkish Airlines also managed to reach over 1000 flights (landing) a day since the beginning of the pandemic by operating 1065 flights on June 25, Friday.

Commenting on the successful performance of the company, Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, M. İlker Aycı stated; “This process is like a long stairway that reaches for the skies. We took all necessary precautions, focused on the future and now we are rising with better results at every step. Walking ever forward, we will continue our efforts with our colleagues. We will continue to work until we become the leader over the clouds. I am happy to reach four figures in our daily flights once again and believe that we will continue to increase these numbers every day both in terms of daily flights and when it comes to passenger load factor.”

Number of flights increased by 23.4 percent in three weeks

            During the second quarter of 2020, passenger flights were almost brought to halt and an unprecedented period was experienced both in domestic and international aviation. With the increased vaccine distribution, relaxation of travel restrictions and begging of the summer season, 2021 is also the start of the normalization when it comes to the demand for air travel. As the successful strategy of Turkish Airlines during the pandemic shows its merits in the results, its daily flights increased by 23.4 percent over the 21 days since the 863 daily flights of June 4.

The Tourism effect in Turkey flights

            On June 25, Turkish Airlines flew to Turkey with 75.3 percent load factor while flights from Turkey were at 68.2 percent. The positive effect of the demand by the passengers traveling to Turkey for tourism was seen at high load factor of the flights arriving to Turkey.

sunset, view from Istanbul Sapphire building to the Southwest, business district Levent, Istanbul, Turkey, Europe